Special offer spares filter FX-25*3H

Special offer spares filter FX-25*3H is a specific product for power plants from Dongfang Yoyik. The company is located in the industry city of southwest China, Deyang. We provide spare parts of DC power units, including valves, bearings, servo valves, filters, EH pumps, adhesive, O rings and many other components and replacements. We also offer products of EATON/PARKER, MOOG, Vickers, PALL and so on.
Our products include spare parts for steam turbine, generator, boilers:
filter FX-25*3H
M030-251000B thermocouple
162F1300 switch
HSND280-46N Mechanical seal
LJC25-4.0P globe check valve
4F5060 gasket
DB20-2-52/315E Relief valve
CS-1 L=75 Speed sensor
ZJ-20-T4 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
ZJ-20-7A bolt heating rods for steam turbines
Speed meter SQSD-3B
O-ring HB4-56J8-159
70LY-34*10 guide vane for 300MW unit main oil pump
D09.511.7Z main oil pump bearing
O-ring HB4-56J8-86
HSNH210-54 damper
D00.010.114 Double Stud Nut
DR405EA03V/-W filter
CVCS-25-PC-B29-0-10 Unloading valve
TF312.7-2006 gasket
HSND280-46N DC sealing oil pump
DF6101-005-065-01-05-00-00 Speed sensor
PSSV-890-DF0056 Servo valve
F3-20V(M)-5A(M)-C-22-R regeneration pump
D55D-241000A thrust support bearing
HH600-98CK-1600 EH pump outlet rubber hose
DET-35A LVDT displacement sensor
TDZ-1E-012 0-275MM Medium pressure regulating valve LVDT
RC860MZ090Z Pressure switch
TDZ-1B-31 LVDT sensor
D00.010.004 CAP NUT M30; MATERIAL 35CRMOA.
O-ring HB4-56J8-169
137 silicon steel sheet adhesive
filter FX-25*3H


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