Offer power plant spare part filter HC4704FKA16H

Offer power plant spare part filter HC4704FKA16H is a specific product for power plants from Dongfang Yoyik. The company is located in the industry city of southwest China, Deyang. We provide spare parts of DC power units, including valves, bearings, servo valves, filters, EH pumps, adhesive, O rings and many other components and replacements. We also offer products of EATON/PARKER, MOOG, Vickers, PALL and so on.
Our products include spare parts for steam turbine, generator, boilers:
filter HC4704FKA16H
65FJ1.6P globe valve
4Q7727 gasket
(WBL) D600B-231000A turning device assembly
DECJ0912 room temp curing thermal conductivity perfusion adhesive for insulation box
WRNK2-291(Φ5.L=1200, indexing K) Armoured thermocouple
70LY-34*2-1 guide bearing for 300MW unit main oil pump
HTD-150-3 LVDT displacement sensor
DFB100-65-260 Mechanical seal
O-ring HB4-56J8-87
CWY-DO-810503-00-04-50-02 Electric eddy current sensor
216C15 Check valve
400TD 0-20mm sensor
ZJ-20-T6 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
DF-ZXB2 Servo card backboard
RKH20S-445-DN16PN400 Actuator check valve
D300N-589700A EH Main Oil pump
DJSV-001B Servo valve
D150C-261000A0024 Seal Ring
PVH098R01AJ30A250000001001AB010A EH oil pump plum pad
KJC65-4.0P globe check valve
Y31-3 clear insulating varnish
HDJ-9 F-grade Excess Epoxy mica powder plate
125LY-32 Mechanical seal
DL001002 filter
24FM411-04-1 HT Heater Manhole Gasket
CS-3 DEH speed sensor
ZJ-20-T20 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
RV1-10-0-18/ Fire-resistant oil pump outlet unloading valve
Φ5L=6000 Armoured thermocouple WREK2-331-R1/2
209YR-2-2 Radial Sealing Fin
O-ring HB4-56J8-151
0.5 insulating box patch board
filter HC4704FKA16H


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