Dongfang unit spare DF-ZXB1 Overspeed card rack

Dongfang unit spare DF-ZXB1 Overspeed card rack Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing spare parts of power plants. As a high-tech industrial partner of DEC, we also have close cooperation with DFSTW, DFEM, CNEG, Areva, DBC. Our products have high quality assurance in the industry.
Our products include spare parts for steam turbine, generator, boilers:
DF-ZXB1 Overspeed card rack
793 room temp curing adhesive
KJC50-16 globe check valve
C9200005 Servo valve
M770-04300A FH-40-250-7 Cylinder piston and sealing ring
D0450.1203 Valve Clack
WRN2-630 LX1=225*75 thermocouple
C9231016 LVDT sensor
D00.010.047 Cap Nut
RC771BZ090Z Pressure switch
WRNK2-221 Armoured thermocoupleΦ5*500
64N2542-22 Flow Equaling Plate for Coal Economizer
LJC65-1.6P globe check valve
ZJ-16.5-13 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
DFB100-80-230 stator cooling water pump
LC25DR40E-6X Cartridge valve
Φ6L=8000 R1/2 Armoured thermocouple WREK2-231-R1/2
D9.6B-242400A supporting bearing
396049-SGCTC4 SOR controller
D1000A-798910A015 Thermal resistance
HCY0105FDP8Z filter
D1000A-798910B020 Thermal resistance
JG-950-2 man-hole packing gasket
D00.050.220 NUT M36 X 3
CS-1-G-075-03-01 Small turbine rotational speed probe
HY-SHV4.02Z globe valve
ZJ-20-23 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
150LY-32 Mechanical seal
ZDET200B LVDT sensor
EYD05LW Pressure controller
3L4645 Signal Acquisition card
φ615*φ535*50*45°F4810-6 sealing plate
1*17*100 9332 epoxy board
DF-ZXB1 Overspeed card rack


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