Dongfang generator spare half oil seal 3A6890

Dongfang generator spare half oil seal 3A6890 is a popular product from Yoyik. Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of power unit spare parts. We have pneumatic and hydraulic components brands both domestic and overseas. We manufacture spare parts of generators, turbines and boilers. The name of Yoyik is renowned in this industry.
We offer orginal Dongfang steam turbine and generator using spare parts, also different parts of other turbine and generators as below:
half oil seal 3A6890
LJC25-4.0P globe check valve
W.26.Z.000201 SEALING RING
W.01.J.0022 Servo valve
HSNH210-46Z sealing oil pump
KJC15-16 globe check valve
DB10-2-30/100 Relief valve
HQ16.16Z Normally closed solenoid valve
D125A-242000A supporting bearing
ZJ-20-14 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
HKB-M27*1.5-1212-02X Mechanical breaking valve
HGP-22AF3R jacking oil pump
CWY-DO-810803-00-03-10-02 Electric eddy current sensor
TDZ-1E-03 LVDT sensor
WRNK2-291(Φ5.L=500, indexing K) Armoured thermocouple
150LY-23 guide shaft for 600MW units MSP
ZJ-22-25 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
125DSF4PB3 Stainless steel butterfly valve
M48 X 140 25CR2MOVA GB898C-88 BOLT M48 X 140
9545-1G F-grade Epoxy phenolic mica tape
F183 polyester red insulating varnish
DG4V-32AL-MU-P7-60 Hand-control directional valve
DFB100-80-230 stator cooling water pump
125LY-35-5 guide bearing for 300MW units AC LOP
φ21/φ25*34 glass fiber pipe
HTD-350-3 LVDT displacement sensor
2Q4927 No.10 air-dry red insulating varnish 188
125LY-23-4 guide bearing for DC oil pump
TD-1-150 LVDT sensor
023JD-L21 Solenoid valve
half oil seal 3A6890


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