Dongfang spare parts Convenient Use HCY0106FDS8Z Filter

Dongfang spare parts Convenient Use HCY0106FDS8Z Filter is offered by Dongfang Yoyik. Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is a company majored in manufacturing and supplying power unit spare parts. Based on the close cooperation with DFSTW, DFEM, CNEG, Avera, DBC, we have experience over two decades of providing high value products and services for clients.

HCY0106FDS8Z Filter
1032 insulating varnish
BPSN4KB25XFSP19 Pressure switch
1244 F-Grade HR anti-corona varnish
M-3SE10C20/315G24NZ5L Ball valve
D1000H-240000A013 Thermal resistance
ZJ-22-36 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
ZCL-1-450B filter
W.26.W.0535 O-RING
D600B-099500A006 High temperature socket head bolts
851580801 0.02-0.1Mpa EXEDIIT4-T6 Differential pressure switch
D600B-210000A008 Turbine coupling bolts
216C100 Non-return valve
SV1-10V-CD-240AG Safety valve
DF2051-1MPa AST solenoid valve
162F1300 switch
DZ903EA10V/-W filter
HSNH280-46N coupling elastic block for sealing oil pump
WJ15F1.6-II DN15 globe valve
D00.010.362 guide column
A156.33.01.10 Regulating steam valve hydraulic actuator O-rings
0.25*23.2*870 9332 epoxy semi-conductive glass fiber plate
HQ16.13Z AST solenoid valve
GJCF-6A Signal converter
RC771BZ090Z Pressure switch
DECJ0701 room temp curing HR anti-corona varnish
YJM-134B Medium pressure regulating valve actuator unloading valve seals
YJM-132B Right high-pressure main steam valve actuator unloading valve seals
WLGCA2-2-TH position switch
M-SR20KE15-1X Non-return valve
HCY0106FDS8Z Filter


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