Complete Model HCY0212FKT39H Filter

Complete Model HCY0212FKT39H Filter is a model for DEC power units particularly supplied by Dongfang Yoyik. Yoyik is specialized in generator spare parts since 1990s. We have been providing our products to numerous coal-fired power plants, hydro power plants, steel mills, and cement plants.
We have more spare parts for power plants as below:
HCY0212FKT39H Filter
DYK-11-1013 Guide vane opening
HEC56702 epoxy primer varnish
3Q4750 gasket
396118-QFA014 Pressure switch
70YB-45 impeller for 300MW units DC EOP
LVDT TDZ-1-H 0-300 Acuator LVDT
F3-20V(M)-5A(M)-C-22-R regeneration pump
CCP230M Solenoid valve coil
DF11025 electromagnet
TDZ-1G 150mm heat-resistance LVDT displacement sensor
TDZ-1G-41 0-52MM sensor
D135D-167100A GLAND RING
D1000H-240000A008 Thermal resistance
GZK-1010 Tracking open degree
SGLQ-1000A filter
HEC56102 epoxy room temp curingadhesive
4NN-EE4-N4-C2A 14~170kPa Pressure switch
XYZ-16G High-profile valve stroke switch
BA34H-112HBM-40-25-125 alkali liquor regeneration pump for power plant
D210B-261000A017 spiral wound gasket
D25A.241.8Z Working thrust bearing
K100DSF4PB3DN100PN1.6 Safety valveLESER
D0800.1107 Plug Valve Seal Ring
ZJ-22-1(R) bolt heating rods for steam turbines
B2620C-272000A Steam CV spares
100VA 1000V/100V 3P Excitation system measure transformer
ISO-P32C32 I/O card
125LY-32 volute for 600MW units DC EOP
D60A-041000A001 1# Nozzle group
D1000A-798910B002 Thermal resistance
HCY0212FKT39H Filter


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