Power Plant Exclusive KSB65-250B pump shaft

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is specialized in producing, manufacturing and selling industrial spare parts, as well as providing products of famous brands. Since 1989, our products have being widely used in various industries from power, oil, chemical, electronic, gas to environmental protection, fire-fighting equipments and nuke industry.
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KSB65-250B pump shaft
TCM589332 Shaft seal
HSNH80Q-46NZ hydrogen-side AC sealing oil pump
V4051V3C03 filter
Φ5L=6000 Armoured thermocouple WREK2-331-R1/2
1035 B-grade fast-dry insulating varnish
RC778NZ090H Pressure switch
150LY-23 ball bearing sleeve for 600MW units MSP
D28.241.3Z locating thrust pad
DB10A-5X/31.5 Relief valve
3000TDGN 0-150MM High temperature wear resistant sensor
162F1300 switch
125LY-36 coupling for 600MW units AC TOP
DECJ0405 magnetic pole core insulating varnish
ZZCN-10 DN40 Differential pressure valve
Q/D9252T-68(87) WASHER 16 T3.
D00.010.304 screw
125LY-35-4 impeller gasket for 300MW units AC LOP
700TD 0-35mm sensor
D1000A-798910B011 Thermal resistance
RC861CZ084HYR Pressure switch
PV5-10-0-35 Cartridge throttle valve
DET600B LVDT displacement sensor
4Q5442 oil resistant round rubber strip
S15A1/2 Non-return valve
125LY-23-4 coupling for 300MW units DC emergency oil pump
3D02A011 Solenoid valve
NXQ-1.6-31.5 accumulator bladder
WREX2-001 (6m, L=25,indexing E) DZ3.5.1-95 Double end thermocouple
SHV4 globe valve
KSB65-250B pump shaft

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