Dongfang original spare 70LY-34*2 EH Oil pump

Dongfang original spare 70LY-34*2 EH Oil pump

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is specialized in producing, manufacturing and selling industrial spare parts, as well as providing products of famous brands. Since 1989, our products have being widely used in various industries from power, oil, chemical, electronic, gas to environmental protection, fire-fighting equipments and nuke industry.
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70LY-34*2  EH Oil pump
CCP230M Solenoid valve coil 0.521051108
DP903EA10V/-W filter 0.958276621
R40K02MONSM2 Hydrogen drying expansion valve 0.25060847
ZJ-20-3A bolt heating rods for steam turbines 0.878160663
RC861CZ090HSSYQ Pressure switch 0.072909779
D12D.242.1Z thrust support bearing 0.278990688
125LY-23-5 coupling for 300MW units DC emergency oil pump 0.044683473
ZJ-20-3(R) bolt heating rods for steam turbines 0.393936801
HSNH440-46NZ sealing oil pump 0.28594445
HSNH210-54 coupling elastic block 0.978022036
D350B-021000A003 CAP NUT GH2 1/4; MATERIAL 35CRMOA. 0.809752815
C9231126 LVDT sensor 0.309480057
2L1367 Pulse amplification monitoring card 0.418364423
70LY-34*3 shaft for 300MW unit main oil pump 0.317860039
MSF-04S-03 filter 0.452388985
D1000A-798910B016 Thermal resistance 0.396757747
DLXB820-R67 Mechanical seal 0.804271359
M02225.013MVV1D1.5A shaft sleeve for sealing oil pump 0.844557162
W.01.Z.000256 Servo valve 0.058429888
RC861CZ090HYMY935 Pressure switch 0.534379925
C9500001 Servo valve 0.751975397
214 Transposition filling mica plate 0.534443961
XYZ-16G High-profile valve stroke switch 0.101475977
HQ16.110Z OPC solenoid valve 0.734392577
CS-1 L=90 Speed sensor 0.668191411
RC861CZ090HYMA59 Pressure switch 0.577484937
D60F-201000A rotor 21st stage moving & Lock blade 0.79227802
D330A-243000C supporting bearing 0.085435684
RC861CZ097HYR 110AC Pressure switch 0.940747969
70LY-34*2-1 Mechanical seal 0.387869065
70LY-34*2  EH Oil pump


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