Quality Offer by Yoyik PVH74QZC-RSM-1S-1XC25-31 Oil pump

Quality Offer by Yoyik PVH74QZC-RSM-1S-1XC25-31 Oil pump is a model for DEC power units particularly supplied by Dongfang Yoyik. Yoyik is specialized in generator spare parts since 1990s. We have been providing our products to numerous coal-fired power plants, hydro power plants, steel mills, and cement plants.
Our company supply power plant spares exclusively for Dongfang, Shanghai and Harbin units.
PVH74QZC-RSM-1S-1XC25-31 Oil pump
GB897-88 M48110 45 Bolt 0.824673184
D00.050.153 DOWEL BOLT 0.106120355
BPSN4KB24XFSH2 Pressure switch 0.981855929
MEX5D62B20 Pressure gauge 0.91538232
NXQB-25/31.5-L-EH accumulator bladder 0.836924066
D185A-241000A002 OIL RESISTANCE ASBESTOS PAD DIÁMETRO 592X474X1. 0.593087112
D20.241.10Z Thrust bearing without temperature measuring point 0.591183767
J761-003A Servo valve 0.693463024
DP2B01EA01V/-F filter 0.740532856
D00.010.308 SPHERE WASHER FEMALE DIAMETRO 100 0.316492948
ACG060N7NVBP The main sealing oil pump 0.424969286
CS-1(G-100-02-01) High resistance probe 0.875667155
JZJ-22-36 ZBK54019-88 bolt heating rods for steam turbines 0.208037025
10PCY14-1B piston pump 0.449397165
D300P-004001E24Q thermocouple 0.918153377
YCZ65-250C impeller for stator cooling water pump 0.420530674
D1000A-798910B027 Thermal resistance 0.004712294
D135A166200B GLAND RING 0.247240943
SHV20 globe valve 0.981464655
W.26.A.0537 SEALING RING 0.648113133
ACG070K7 sealing oil pump 0.624812453
GS020600V+CCP230D OPC solenoid valve 0.624137081
3D01A009 AST solenoid valve 0.41712487
KH32/3Q3358 number 9 sealant injector 0.884374053
D00.010.419 THROUGH HOLE STUD M120 X 4 X 950 0.24622386
LJC80-4.0P globe check valve 0.997739393
65-250A stator cooling water pump 0.525025736
EYD05LW 0-0.5MPA 750KPA Pressure controller 0.022809043
D11.242Z supporting bearing 0.35936184
KJC40C-4.0P globe check valve 0.834046615
PVH74QZC-RSM-1S-1XC25-31 Oil pump


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