Quality Offer by Yoyik HPU-V100/A EH oil pump

Quality Offer by Yoyik HPU-V100/A EH oil pump

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is located in Deyang, Sichuan, provides different kinds of industrial products and brands. Our company is specialized in researching and developing hear-resisting and wear-resisting materials. As a pump and valve manufacturer ourselves, we also offer other brands both domestic and from abroad.
Our company supply power plant spares exclusively for Dongfang, Shanghai and Harbin units.
HPU-V100/A EH oil pump
4Q11028 sealing strip 0.609049579
W.26.Z.000157 O-RING 0.679268702
YCZ65-250C stator cooling water pump 0.250899669
D135A-166300B GLAND RING 0.583552577
1.5*900*1200 Steel plate paper 0.455160066
ZDET150A LVDT sensor 0.711603671
J61Y-32 DN56 PN32MPa High pressure globe valve 0.418139045
KF090NZ/15F6 EH main oil pump oil seal 0.372203277
GB897-88 M16x45 bolt 0.632934995
C9231016 LVDT sensor 0.480867446
for SEC steam turbine unit AST solenoid valve 0.206399551
D09.242.9Z Working thrust bearing 0.337763269
70YB-45 DC lube oil pump 0.512636233
F3V10IS6SIC20 EH oil pump 0.219826646
W.26.W.0535 O-RING 0.469212889
φ17/φ21*15 glass fiber pipe 0.946874802
072-1203 Servo valve 0.170608442
M02225.013MVV1D1.5A check valve for sealing oil pump 0.299728788
TDZ-1 LVDT sensor preamplifier 0.067172757
4Q7222 insulating washer 0.055602303
W.11.B.0004 Precision transient tachometer 0.097883948
J761-001 Servo valve 0.33583737
FJ1840 F-grade modified epoxy dipping adhesive 0.84030286
B1620B-004001B04Q thermocouple 0.314920623
802 HR anti-corona varnish 0.377102516
ZJ-20-T8 bolt heating rods for steam turbines 0.372888412
G761-3033B Servo valve 0.727886837
L=160 W=40 δ=0.5 3240 epoxy glass fiber board 0.977154016
ACG060N7NVBP coulping damper for sealing oil pump 0.319136184
4Q8614 hydrogen cooler gasket 0.383478927
HPU-V100/A EH oil pump


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