Qualified DEC Generator spare 1Q1736 number 8 16-140HV Washer

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is an industrial supplier based on Deyang, known as the city of heavy industry in China. We are specialized in manufacturing and trading the spare parts of power unit, including filter and filter elements, sealants, sensors, pumps, valves and other work pieces.
YOYIK offers different models of power plant spare parts:
1Q1736 number 8 16-140HV Washer
DET700B LVDT displacement sensor
DFB100-80-230 stator cooling water pump
D300N-589150A EH Main Oil pump
FIJ125-100-315 Mechanical seal
M752-01211A DN13 nozzle
EF4-50 (UN-11/2) Air filter
D00.010.303 Screw jack of CSG
W.01.D.0026 CA-06-05 non-return valve
PVH098R01AD30A250000002001AB010A EH oil pump plum pad
SV1-10V-CD-240AG Safety valve
23D-63B Turning solenoid valve
CAP230M Solenoid valve
L2W2K-Z3A(TH) Precise temperature and humidity monitor
D1000A-798910B005 Thermal resistance
ZJ-17-T9 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
M201.261.013 CV gland nut
ACG060N7NVBP Sealed main oil pump mechanical seal
2X18X30 Spring
C9200005 Servo valve
ZJ-20-42 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
RC861CZ090HYMY935 Pressure switch
CWY-D0-20XLT08-M10*1-B-00-10-50K Vibration probe
8220 Conductivity meter probe
RC778NZ090J Pressure switch
D90A-261000A001 spiral wound gasket
M02225.013MVV1D1.5A check valve for sealing oil pump
KJC65-4.0P globe check valve
GB70-85 SCREW M16 X 30.
3Q4571 gasket for generator hydrogen cooler
1Q1736 number 8 16-140HV Washer


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