Dongfang generator quality spares 4Q12823 rubber washer

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trader of industrial products. We mainly offer spare parts of turbines and generators. Kinds of pumps for EH system, valves, filters and filter elements, and other industrial tools and replacements. Our products and service are quality guaranteed.
Buy different types of spare parts for power plants:
4Q12823 rubber washer
RC861CZ090H Pressure switch
D150C-261000A0024 Seal Ring
CVC-40-N Unloading valve
C9506000 AST solenoid valve
DJ22-47/ZBK54019-88 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
5NN-K45-N4-C1A Pressure switch
CV1-NG25-D20-L Sealed oil tank ball cock core
EFD-II-A-1 Flame detection probe
PV292R5DC00 jacking oil pump
5001.2 Coupling (Fan End)
RC861CZ090HYMD54 Pressure switch
F3-CV1-25-D16-L-40 Relief valve
CS-1-G-075-03-01 Small turbine rotational speed probe
D135A-020000A009 SPACER PLATE
ZJ-20-35 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
70YB-45 ball bearing for 300MW units DC EOP
125LY-35 coupling for AC EOP
DFB-80-80-240 stator cooling water pump
SV1-10V-CO-240AC Trial solenoid valve
DET250A LVDT displacement sensor
HZQS-02A rotation speed monitor
HC0293SEE5 Air filter
4Q7682 hydrogen cooler seal strip
ZD.02.009 AST solenoid valve
200FJ-1.6PA2 globe valve
25CCY14-1B jacking oil pump
HTCVC16.1 High pressure interrupt valve
DG17V-5-2C Hand-control directional valve
4Q12823 rubber washer


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