For plant DB10A-5X/31.5 Relief valve

1. Description: We provide DB10A-5X/31.5 according to the model and drawing number of DEC,HEC,SEC,etc, the drawings or the samples you supply. Produced by advanced technology, have excellent performance, and is widely used in many generator units.
2. Features: Long life, high reliability, and high temperature resistance.
3. Application: Power plants&power station ,steel mill,steel Industry,steam turbine, steam generator, hydraulic generator, hydro turbine compressor, sintering machine, coal grinding machine AC motor and other heavy machinery.
4. Quality guarantee: We offer orginal and authentic DEC products. Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Manufacturer, certificate of conformity by DEC/DEA/DTC/DBC are available with the product.
For plant DB10A-5X/31.5 Relief valve
We provide more models of power plant spare parts. Check more on our official website:
TD-1-800 LVDT sensor
CE25 Pressure switch
KJC25-1.6P globe check valve
HQ16.100Z AST solenoid valve
9332 semi-conducting laminated glass fiber board
ZJ-20-49 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
WLGCA2-2-TH position switch
HDJ-138 coating dipping adhesive
KJC25C-2.5P globe check valve
ZJ-20-1R bolt heating rods for steam turbines
1Q4858 No.38 electrical insulating board 100/100
LJB1 2000A/10V 0.5 Current/voltage converter
A10VS0100DR/31R-PPA12NOO jacking oil pump
AH37-FRO1KK-20 jacking oil pump
KJC65C-4.0P globe check valve
YCZ65-250B coupling elastic block for stator cooling water pump
DG4801-88 Manhole
BR110+EF4-50 Air filter
AD32L AD card
CS-1 Speed sensor
125LY-23-5 impeller nut for 300MW units DC emergency oil pump
1Q4377 number 6 7*39.4*671 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate
ZS-05 Proximity switch
DFB125-80-300 mechanical sealing for stator cooling water pump
D-075-02-01 sensor
PVH074R01AB10A250000002001AE10A EH EH oil pump
D600B-271000A007 Metallic spirotellic gasket
52RN-KK116-M1-C2A SOR switch

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