For Dongfang generator units 125LY-23 guide bearing for DC emergency oil pump

1. Description: We provide 125LY-23 guide bearing according to the model and drawing number of DEC,HEC,SEC,etc, the drawings or the samples you supply. Produced by advanced technology, have excellent performance, and is widely used in many general oil pumps.
2. Features: Long life, high reliability, and high temperature resistance.
3. Application: Power plants&power station ,steel mill,steel Industry,steam turbine, steam generator, hydraulic generator, hydro turbine compressor, sintering machine, coal grinding machine AC motor and other heavy machinery.
4. Quality guarantee: We offer orginal and authentic DEC products. Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Manufacturer, certificate of conformity by DEC/DEA/DTC/DBC are available with the product.
We provide related models of the product. Check more on our official website:
514700005 MOOG PUMP
514700021 MOOG PUMP
514800279 MOOG PUMP
100-80-125A stainless steel regeneration pump
100-80-160 stainless steel intermediate cooling water pump
100Y120B AC-motor driven pump
10PCY14-1B piston pump
125LY-32 DC lube oil pump
125LY-36 AC lube oil pump
150LY-23 motive atmospheric pump
160SCY14-1B Axial piston pump
25SCY14-1B Axial piston pump
26SH-28 600S42 regeneration pump
65Y60A AC-motor driven pump
65Y60B DC-motor driven pump
70LY-3 AC lube oil pump
70YB-45 DC lube oil pump
80-50-125A Drain pump
8SH-6 Industrial pump
ACMAL040404AB0101010000A0A00CD0B Triple gear oil pump
ACMAR019901AC0100010000A0000CD0B 26501-RAN Dual gear oil pump
ACMAR131307AB0101010000A0A00CD0B Triple gear oil pump

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