Valve Stem D600B-265400A001

Valve Stem D600B-265400A001 is offered by Dongfang Yoyik. Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is a company majored in manufacturing and supplying power unit spare parts. Based on the close cooperation with DFSTW, DFEM, CNEG, Avera, DBC, we have experience over two decades of providing high value products and services for clients.
We offer spare parts for Dongfang Electric Corporation generator units:
Valve Stem D600B-265400A001
oil source back to the oil filter DR405EA03V/-W
Spiral Wound Gasket Φ208.5*238.5 D600A.024.106
Filter AP1E102-01D10V/-W
LVDT Position Sensor DET-200A
Speed Card DFCS001
LVDT Position Sensor DET-150B
Filter AP3E301-03D01V/-F
Conductivity Electrode 2401B-0.01 K=0.01
OPC Solenoid Valve GS060600V
LVDT Position Sensor DET-800B
Filter W.38.Z.000129
Filter Element DL006001
Filter Element 01-094-006
Filter PA25/H80V-10
oil source back to the oil filter DR405EA03V/-W
flying ring assembly 2Q5394
filter MSF-04S-03
LVDT Position Sensor DET-200B
Oil Pump C9202007
leaf spring L=132, H=1.2 D00.160.001
Sealant T2575
Sealant DE82-2
Mechanical Seal  50-250C
washer Q/D9252T-68(87)
Pressure Switch ST307-V2-150-B
filter SGLQ-1000A
filter SH-006
O Ring C8689004
Solenoid Valve 4WE10D33/CW230N9K4/V
spring D09.421.010
Valve Stem D600B-265400A001


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