Generator Parts – SEALING GASKET 4Q3424

SEALING GASKET 4Q3424 is a popular product from Yoyik. Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of power unit spare parts. We have pneumatic and hydraulic components brands both domestic and overseas. We manufacture spare parts of generators, turbines and boilers. The name of Yoyik is renowned in this industry.
We provide following models of spare parts for power plant:
Cooling Air Device GJCFL-15
Sealant HDJ892
O Ring C8689603
Stator Cooling Water Conductivity Electrode 2401B-0.01 K=0.01
Filter C14633-002V
filter element HCY0106FDS8Z
filter WFF-150*1
O Ring C8689099
O Ring C8689088
filter V4051V3C03
OPC Solenoid Valve Z2804076
LVDT Position Sensor DET-800A
filter element DP301EA10V/-W
top outlet filter DQ8302GA10H3.5C
Stator Cooling Water Filter SGLQ-300A
filter QTL-6021A
Filter Element DR1A401EA01V/-F
LVDT Position Sensor DET-700B
LVDT Position Sensor DET-700A
Filter Element DP2B01EA10V/W


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